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Flash and Go Price | How Affordable Is It?

Everybody is looking to get high quality products at the cheapest price, especially with all the tax, interest, food, and gas rates continually rising. I am always on the hunt for a good deal for products that are effective and affordable. When considering which hair removal device to get, the price was definitely a factor I took into consideration. The Flash and Go price isn’t the cheapest hair removal device on the market, but I believe it to be the most affordable.

As I mentioned in my Flash and Go vs NoNo article, the Flash and Go price is a little bit more expensive than the NoNo. However, the Flash and Go price is more affordable in the long run because it takes less time to obtain permanent hair removal, the cartridges last longer, and the laser technology is proven to be the most effective ways to removal hair.

What does the Flash and Go price include?

When you order from the Official Flash and Go Website you will get a the Flash and Go device, a 30-day money-back 100% risk-free trial, and the special bonus – a Silk’n Swirl Face Cleansing Brush. The full Flash and Go price alone is $299 but there is an option to make three monthly payments of $99.99. This price does not include the $12.95 for shipping and handling.

Where is the best place to get the best Flash and Go price?

Amazon is always the first place I look to check out prices on products because they typically have cheaper prices. I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing Flash and Go on Amazon in my Flash and Go Amazon article. The Flash and Go price on Amazon is still less expensive than ordering it from the Official Flash and Go Website. Shipping is less expensive on Amazon too.

Before you run off and purchase Flash and Go from Amazon there is one very important piece of information you need to know; Amazon’s return policy for Health, Personal Care and Beauty products. Amazon carries a 30-day money back guarantee on the Flash and Go BUT it must be “unopened and in new condition.

I am really confident in the Flash and Go device because of the amazing success I have had along with thousands of other people, but why take the risk? You might be saving $50 upfront on Amazon but for whatever reason it needs to be returned you just flushed a couple hundred bucks down the drain.

Although purchasing Flash and Go on Amazon is really tempting I am really glad that I decided to purchase it from the Official Flash and Go Website where I was able to have peace of mind in my purchase because it was backed up with a guarantee that actually allowed me to return it after being able to try it out, if needed.

The Flash and Go price was worth every dollar because it has given me professional permanent hair removal results in the privacy and comfort of my own home at a fraction of the cost. Having my unwanted hair completely gone is priceless. The Flash and Go Hair Removal System gives you exactly that.

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